Sunday, March 21, 2010


For those who remember my first attempts at pottery, today's pictures will really demonstrate my improvement over the last year and a half. These pieces are the large piece and the tea pot I started last week at Kevin Crowe's workshop. Below, the large piece sits under the fan, drying before I add the last level. Below, I'm adding the last piece. Please only look at the pot, not me... This is how it's looking now. I collared in the neck, and flared out the rim. I think I want to collar it in a bit more next week, so that the narrowness of the neck mirrors the narrow base. At this point the vase measures around 20 inches tall.
Today I added the handle to my tea pot. Kevin's tea pots have the handle connecting at the top, rather than on the back. At this point I think the tea pot is probably around 16 inches tall at the apex of the handle.
I tried to capture the organic nature of Kevin's work, so there is some "movement" in the body, and some uneven carving in the knob on the lid.
Cross your fingers for me that a) there isn't some horrible accident that knocks over either piece before next week, b) I don't ruin them next week, c) they come out of the bisque firing okay, d) I don't ruin them while glazing them, and e) they come out of the glaze firing okay. But I'm supposed to be zen about my pots, so I shall be aloof while your fingers are crossed.

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