Thursday, March 4, 2010

Projecting Style

This post will be anticlimactic after my previous one extolling the virtues of an amazing find I made this week. But now that I've promised, I have to produce. At one of my local haunts, I stumbled into one of the more interesting finds I've come across. Drumroll, please...
It's a projector table. A small, industrial table wired for electricity.
I bought it without knowing whether it works, but it DOES. There are two outlets: one is for the projector, and the other is for the room lamp. How handy is that? The presenter doesn't even have to get up to dim the lights for the show! The button to the right controls the power to only one of the outlets (I believe it is the projector side).

I haven't decided whether I want to keep this or sell it in my shop. On the one hand, what a cool item to share with the world! On the other hand, how great would this be in my home? I can see it as a nightstand (especially if you need a little extra length to get your cords all the way to the outlet), a lamp table, even as a spot for your pencil sharpener or miniature fan. Oh, and it folds up. I went back in, promising myself that I would only buy it if it folded up (I have found myself in rainy parking lots trying to cram something huge into my small car far too many times). And of course it was meant to be, and it folded perfectly.


( everyeskimo ) said...

you're right, i was totally not expecting this. but what a random and exciting find! see me, i'd keep it, but lately i've been keeping way too many treasures. still, projecting some movies, with your beverage of choice resting handily atop could just be the recipe for a glorious friday night!

threeoldkeys said...

My suggestion is to go back in time (maybe Jean Luc from your next post can help with this). Find a high school in the 1970s that needs someone to join the A.V. team.

I think they let Girls on the Audio Visual team these days !!!!!!

Anyway, you can set up the projectors and the film reels. When the teachers have problems, they call you back to the classroom. You tell them "it's not wound tight around the sound drum." You fix it. You're on the A.V. team.

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