Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cutting Edge: Vintage Style

I've been in the market for a paper cutter for a while now. I was willing to buy a new one, though obviously I preferred to find a vintage version with some character. I couldn't find any new ones in stores that seemed big enough or sturdy enough to last. Maybe I was swayed by being enamored with this paper cutter table I found in January (along with several other beautiful specimens). A few weekends ago at the Big Flea, I saw a lovely paper cutter. It had a wooden model head with darts sticking out of its skull, but once I moved that out of the way, I was all aflutter. I asked the lady in the booth if it still cut paper. She said she didn't know, but brought a scrap of paper over to try it out. She sliced through it, and it cut through the paper beautifully. I was thrilled, but not totally convinced that the entire blade would be that sharp. As she went to help another customer, I sliced the scrap many times, using the entire length of the blade. Perfection. The truth be told, I might have bought it even if it didn't cut well. But now I had to - I had wanted one for my studio, this one was more functional than one I would ever find at a store, it was sturdy, and it had that vintage character I love. I just love when things work out.
So I browsed for you, in case you are as inspired by my paper cutter as I am. The lovely paper cutter below is from sadieolive.
I love the scratches and varied finish on this paper cutter from staircasetotheattic.
The homemade paper cutter below from plundered is fantastic, no? Primitive and functional.
Despite its larger than life presence and style, the paper cutter below is only 6 inches. Perfect for those cardmaking projects, right? Find it at MostlyMadelines.
LindaVista offers us this irresistable simple paper cutter. I love the arced mark on the surface, as though once upon a time someone left a large mug on it for too long.
If one paper cutter just won't do all the trimming you have to do, you are in luck. AntiNu has this set of two paper cutters with lovely green platforms.
Let's go forth and cut some paper!

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Trishia said...

Wow! I can't remember the last time I used a paper cutter...but your post and photos help me see them with new eyes. I like the double decker green set:)