Monday, March 15, 2010

More "New" Vintage

I am long overdue to share some of my favorite Etsy finds with you. Today I'm featuring three Etsy shops with new vintage items to tickle your fancy. ThreeOldKeys is a fairly new shop, though they already have a number of sales under their belt. The shop owners are near and dear to me, and their inventory is wonderful. I can't get enough of the copper flour shaker above. I never knew that these existed, but now that I know I need one. A Macon Detector. But what do they detect? Ah - watermarks. Of course!
The calorie counting pillbox is another item I didn't know about. Such technology! One of the best things about ThreeOldKeys is the witty descriptions of the items.
ThreeOldKeys also offers up this vintage wooden tray. As you know, I do so love things to put things in.
You may recall a recent post of mine about having sold some vintage jars to a well known blogger. I was pleased as punch to see the Audubon card I sent included in her Flickr stream and on her blog. Imagine how surprised I was to see it again with a vintage letterbox in her new shop! lepetiteflea is the new vintage destash shop of Victoria Smith. Check out this sweet diner mug from the lepetiteflea pantry.
And a little demitasse cup and saucer, poised and ready for tea.
I can't get enough of the turquoise in this vintage creamer, and the lepetiteflea succulent serving suggestion is just perfect.
The last (but not least!) shop I want to share today is enhabiten. She has been selling handmade on Etsy for some time, but just started selling vintage items today. She blogged about starting to sell vintage, and I started the countdown. I checked in a few times over the day to see what lovelies she had listed. These small glass jars were simply poetic.
I think the use of light in her pictures is extraordinary, as in this listing for a vintage colander.
She is also listing pillows made from vintage quilts.
I love old, anonymous paintings. There's something about wondering who the artist was, what they were like, and what inspired them. This watercolor painting is an excellent example of that intrigue. I hope you will visit ThreeOldKeys, lepetiteflea, and enhabiten, and see if there is anything that will help make your house a home.


sfgirlbybay said...

Hey - thanks Tracy! The shop is a bit bleak at the moment - so much of it sold! But I'll be relisting more soon. Thanks for the mention!

threeoldkeys said...

well well ... to be listed among such company ... we here at ThreeOldKeys are honored.

My word for the day: Juxtaposition. Thank goodness for amusing, amazing Juxtaposition.

And thank goodness for NewDominionBlues Tracy.