Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Happinesses

This week, a friend gave me 5 boxes of vintage jars, and my brother brought me a dozen eggs from his chickens. It's the little happinesses in life, isn't it? I thought I should share some happy little items inspired by my jars and eggs.
Half gallon Ball canning jar from vintagehomerecycled.
Shino mixing bowl from TXHillCountryPottery.
Antique canning jars from TheLovelys.
TheBrickyard's egg beater mixing bowl.
Have a lovely weekend, filled with little happinesses!


E. Fernandez said...

these are lovely picks! I love old canning jars too.

Trishia said...

Thank you for such contemplative eye candy!

Patti @ a little Vintage Shop said...

Cheers to the little happinesses ... I don't know what I'd do without them ♥

( everyeskimo ) said...

mmm, eggs. i like eggs best when they are in cookies. maybe i should go make some cookies?

beautiful choices, the soft colors running through are so reminiscent of your shop.