Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cork Feet

Getting ready for the next round of stone coasters and trivets...

Silver Leaf and Shelving

One of the most popular items in my Etsy shop has been the copper leaf slate coasters (and trivets). I'm pleased that it's one of my ideas that actually worked as well as I could have hoped, and other people seem to agree. I have silver leaf as well, and I finally am able to begin making silver leaf items (with new designs, too!), just in time for the holidays. Those will be among the next new listings I make, in addition to plain slate to replace those I've sold recently.
Joining the Interior Design Team has also inspired me to think bigger. I have some ideas percolating...
In other news, we're making progress on the shelves in my studio. There are two built-in shelving units from floor to ceiling on either side of the studio. There are eight squares per unit, giving me sixteen glorious shelves for storage and display. We built them ourselves, and again, I'm pleased that it's an idea that worked out. I designed them down to the routing measurements, and I am happy to report they're quite sturdy. They match the theme of my project table, and once I have things cleared out enough for the room to be photogenic, I'll take more pictures. The walls are Benjamin Moore's Saybrook Sage, and the shelves will be a semi-gloss black. The project table is also black with square shelves on either side. My theme for the studio is black and white - and the fruits of my labor will provide the color for the space.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I started this blog to not only show the products that I sell on, but to give insights into the thought and process that goes into those items. I also want to highlight other Etsy shops that have caught my eye, since I have so much fun digging into the creative treasures on Etsy. The kinds of posts I plan to make will provide glimpses into my work, progress I am making on my studio and pottery skills, and sharing the best of the other shops I run across. I recently joined an Etsy team, the Interior Design Team. I'm still figuring out how to participate fully in the team, but the shops and seller associated with the team are all really great. I welcome comments, suggestions, and inquiries.