Thursday, July 1, 2010

The End Zone

My large piece from the Kevin Crowe workshop in March is finally done! I glazed the vase last Sunday with Neal's Blue, and accented the rim and the shoulder with Black Lapis.
Where the glaze is thinner, the clay shows through and has a green undertone. The Black Lapis reacted just the way I hoped it would with the Neal's Blue base.
How does one get such a large piece home? Very carefully of course.
I'm so grateful to Manassas Clay and Kevin Crowe for offering the workshop, and extending my horizon.


paula said...

that put a smile on my face....seeing it all buckled in. i gasped cuz i would have had bubble wrap all over that!
beautiful colors and love the size.

threeoldkeys said...

It's so pretty. Seeing it on the stool doesn't quite give the size reference that the seatbelt does. Huge and wonderful.