Friday, July 16, 2010

In Flight

Every now and then I run into an Etsy shop that makes me stop everything else and browse through their entire offerings, including sold items. I found artocard the other day. These photographs are stunning captures of motion with such clarity I think you'll feel the same way I do. (Above, Fly. Below, Twirl.)
At first glance I honestly thought they were paintings, they were so amazing. No camera could possibly capture a moment so perfectly, without even a hint of blur, right? Surely these infinitessimal moments of motion were reproduced from a human's imagination! (Below, Hover.)
The artist explains that the backgrounds are desaturated to enhance the subject. (Below, Icarus.)
Incredible, right? (Below, Call.)
(Below, Swoosh.)
(Below, Spin.)
(Below, Sing.)
(Below, Moon Dance.)
(Below, Looking Back.)
(Below, Traveler.)
(Below, Float.)
(Below, Eye Level.)
(Below, Climb.)
(Below, Brown Pelican.)
There are more images, but I felt as though I had stolen enough of them. I keep coming back to look at them... they're poetry. Go check out the artocard shop, and give yourself a short furlough to visit with the sea birds.


Susie said...

Thank you for this most flattering post of my work. I'm honored beyond honored.
Susie Loucks

paula said...

some of these are quite wonderful, what a good find on etsy :)
doesn't even look real huh. how do you find us all????