Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Moon Tea

A few years ago, as I was pondering summer refreshment options, I remembered that my mom used to make sun tea on the deck. Since then, whenever I have a free moment and suitable container, I have tried to remember to brew some sun tea. Yesterday I put a carafe out on the picnic table, hoping that despite the finite number of sunlit minutes left, the record heat of the day would take care of the brewing. By the time I remembered to bring the carafe in, I decided I could call the beverage Moon Tea. Today I came across a few blog posts (at poppytalk and maya*made) that sealed the deal: I culled through Etsy to find a collection of sun tea-worthy vessels, just for you. Drink up! (Sun tea photo above, TheHourGlassStudio. Sun tea photo below, theartofemma.)
Quench your thirst with this complete Libbey sun tea set from SunnyDayVintage.
I found this solar tea jar at bigapplevintage.
Brew more in this similar solar tea brewer from RoomServiceVintage.
RiffRaffReview has this fantastic Tang pitcher. I am sure it would pour juice or tea just as well.
Typographic juice: I can dig it. Find it at picapicafound.
The pitcher and glasses below prove that not all summer beverages must come in yellow or orange vessels. Blue and green are more refreshing! Find the set at gizmos.
Be sure to hydrate yourselves!

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thehourglassstudio said...

Great blog,thank you for using my photo.
Time to make some tea again!

The Hourglass Studio