Friday, July 9, 2010

Making The Cut

Lately scissors have been catching my eye. Vintage scissors, bonsai scissors, embroidery scissors... I decided to gather some for your viewing pleasure. Above, large metal shears from SleepyOwlVintage. Below, vintage pinking shears from NicedaySupplies. Vintage stork scissors, bluebirdsales. Stork embroidery scissors, YorkshirePuddYarns. Red wicker handled scissors, Vintage925.
Victorian sewing or embroidery scissors, from reminiscetreasures.
Funretro's red scissors.
Gold crane scissors, caroline1236.
Folding pocket scissors, BurnsvilleMN. FBvintage's snazzy scissors. Trampoline has this collection of vintage wire cutters. Bezel shears, theurbanbeader.
Microsnip from minordtails.
Handforged snips from AliceInStitchesArts.
Reproduction embroidery scissors, cheswickcompany. And who isn't charmed by this old fashioned string, spool, and scissors set from nothingelegant?
Happy weekend! I'll be thinking of all the things I could be cutting!


FunRetro said...

how fun + unique! so happy to be included! xo

nicedaydesigns said...

Thanks a million for including my pinking shears!!
Funnily enough I'm a bit scissors mad too, I got this scissors tattoo a few months ago, check it out here

paula said...

well for goodness sake...the Red wicker handled scissors, Vintage925 are so bird like its creepy cool. the bezel ones...amazing. who knew?
what an eye you have...

ethanollie said...

thanks so much for including me. i loved this post so much i bought a pair.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! What a great blog post! and thank you so much for including the scissors from my website.