Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Raku Rainbows and Fish

On Saturday I had the opportunity to raku fire some pottery. This was the best raku session I've had (see previous results here). I thought I would post pictures of the best two pieces. This first piece was textured with "Steve's Tool," and then I glazed it with Dan's Blue. I got some great color from the glaze. I glazed the fish vase with white crackle, and sprayed it with ferric chloride to give it the coppery orange color. Then I smoked the piece with saw dust to bring out the crackle.
He turned out pretty nicely, huh?
I accidentally broke the stopper I had made, but I think the fish is okay alone.
I found it interesting that the ferric chloride went to the edges and extremeties. The lips, fins and eyes, for example, are darker.
We had a great time on Saturday, even if it was incredibly hot with the sun and the gas kilns firing through the morning.


paula said...

i love raku! how fun is this...love those colors and textures. i just now realized that raku kind of reminds me of oil on concrete after a rain. i like that :)

( everyeskimo ) said...

your fish is beautiful! and yes, it's still charming as can be without the stopper.

he'd be great filled with some long bamboo stalks (i think they just need some water in the bottom.)