Monday, July 12, 2010

Rescued Plants

This weekend, in my neverending quest to embarrass my husband, I rescued a few house plants from the curb in my neighborhood. Apparently some neighbors were moving, and they left a streetful of things in front of the house. I saved two plants, but left a few other things I had my eye on (having already pushed the limits of Brian's patience). The plants were in pretty horrible shape, and absolutely needed repotting. One of the plants was a pothos, the other I can't identify. I've had pothos since I was growing up, though I always thought they were called philodendrons. While I was repotting the rescues, I took the opportunity to repot a few of my plants as well. I potted several jade plants; one that had outgrown its planter, and two I recently found at Ikea. I was so inspired by my choices for new pots that I went browsing on Etsy to see what creative pots I could recommend to you. One of my jade plants went into a silver pitcher similar to the one below from AlicesLookingGlass. (I found the photo of the jade plant above at MonkeyShinesDesign.) Another silver pitcher that would make a lovely planter is below. As usual, oldcrowfarm doesn't disappoint. Hindsvik also demonstrates the lovely effect of alternative planters. 2BoredBunnies has this great retro planter with graphic designs (there are two!).
Can't you see a bunch of succulents planted in these little terracotta pots from Trampoline?
Lately I've taken note of vintage McCoy pottery, like this white pot from TheBarnofMiddleburg.
Below is another McCoy planter, from randomthingsand.
This McCoy elevated planter from ShayRose reminds me of a pot I kept a snake plant in when I was a kid.
I love this garden tote complete with terracotta pots. Find them at southrosewindow.
Of course, handmade pots make just as nice planters as vintage planters. I am enthralled with the elaborate carving on the pot below from thewheelandi.
LaCeramique has me completely charmed with this toucan planter.
The colors and textures on this soda fired bowl from joytanner just about knock me over.
This blue altered bowl from Claytastic would also make a great planter. The glaze is so refreshing, I wonder if plants would need less watering...
Do you have favorite planters in your home? Or other objects doing an unexpected tour of duty as a planter?


Anonymous said...

Wonderful article! Thanks for including my little brass pitcher here ;) Have a lovely day!

CurlyGirlie said...

Wow, what an awesome collection you've amassed here! Thanks so much for including my photo! :)