Monday, June 28, 2010


It has been blazingly hot here. My weather radio keeps blaring warnings that it may thunderstorm, but I'll believe it when I see it. Until things cool off, I thought I would share some Etsy items that capture the extreme heat. (Copper Pear above by dorndorf, Barbwire stemmed flower below, merritthyde.)
Sunshine Motel, RoadsidePhotographs.
Copper wire basket, Xanadu2You.
Vintage heels, raretreasure.
Handbuilt porcelain mug by geobubstudios. Mixed media painting, DwellinStyle.
Copper Bird Art, CopperLeafStudios. Full Circle Tree Collage reproduction print, blockpartyprints. Stay cool, my friends! Meanwhile, tonight I hope to get some more work done on my kiln, so I can really heat things up.


Chris said...

gorgeous images!! copper is one of my favorite colors, and even more amazing when paired with a smoky gray. Lovely choices!

threeoldkeys said...

Next let's celebrate Cool, and hope for some.

But meanwhile these are all so appealing ... and that geobub Mug !!!! It's got attitude. It's standing there arm(s) akimbo.

Block Party Press said...

Wonderful collection! Thanks so much for including my tree!!

Merritt Hyde said...

Wow this is gorgeous! Love everything ~ thank you so much for including my flower!

kristin said...

Thanks for including my journal in this collection of cool (or should I say "hot") items. :) I love the shoes and mug, too.