Friday, July 9, 2010


My kiln vent is installed and ready to go! But it's hot enough to fire pots on the driveway, so unfortunately I'm waiting for a break in the heat before I fire the kiln. Above, the kiln vent hood on the outside of the garage. Below, the fan is mounted on the inside of the garage wall. The fan sucks air through the duct, which is attached to the bottom of the kiln. It then blows the air out the vent, which has a metal flap to keep birds and other critters out.
I should mention Brad Birkhimer, who did most of the installation of the vent and fan. He's an incredibly nice guy, and an extremely talented potter. He has an MFA in clay from WVU, and also studied abroad in China. Now he's working out of a studio in The Plains, and teaching at The Workhouse Arts Center. And from where I sit, he seems capable of doing just about anything ceramics-related. So if you're in the Northern Virginia area and need your kiln tweaked, a vent installed, or a wood kiln set up, he's an excellent resource.

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