Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm A Big Teapot

My teapot from the Kevin Crowe workshop in March is finished. I glazed it with Golden Luster and dripped some Opal, since lately I've been fascinated by the reaction between the two on the Miller 70 clay. (If you use Opal by itself, it's this yellow/gray yuck color, but it does incredible things when matched with other glazes.)
I was so happy that the lid came off; you fire them together to retain the shape of both the lid and the body of the piece so that they will still fit together. But sometimes the glaze fuses them together.
I am also happy to report that the holes on the inside were not filled in with glaze, so tea will actually come out of the vessel, and the teapot pours nicely.
My gigantic pot is still drying. I modified it slightly from the stage I last posted about, just refining the shape and the surface. It will have to dry for weeks and weeks before it's ready to go into the kiln. The wait is almost a good thing, though, because I'll need that long to choose a glazing scheme. I used the same clay as I did for the teapot, so I am tempted to do a similar glazing (it's been nice every time I have done it so far, giving me a small hope that it would turn out similarly on this "important" piece). But I think the girl next to me in class will slap me, as she seems tired of my boring glazing choices. As always, I think way too hard about these things. Pottery is supposed to be zen. Not stressful.


threeoldkeys said...

I'm speechless, or nearly so.


Sue Furrow said...

That is a handsome teapot. I like your choice of glaze so do it again if you want. Just throw your arm up to block the swat from your classmate!