Friday, April 23, 2010

Naked Pots

Lately I have been taking notice of unglazed pottery. Glaze offers infinite depths of color, but somehow the breadth of unglazed clay seems just as vast to me. The range may be more limited without glaze, but the soul of the clay is exposed. Perhaps my romanticizing bare pottery stems from the brain freeze I get every time I'm standing in the glaze kitchen at Manassas Clay, wondering how to glaze each piece. But I find it compelling, and as I begin to find my own voice as a potter, I think strategically unglazed pots will be an important part of my expression. I have already made a number of pots without glaze or only with soda ash, and they have been among my favorites. I have been collecting unglazed pots in my Etsy Favorites, and I wanted to put them all together for your viewing pleasure. The vintage ramekins above were in sevenpoppies' shop, but have sold. TheoHelmstadter's planter below has some glaze, but also has iron stain accenting the natural clay.
The vintage primitive vase below by puscake has a pleasant combination of glaze and bare clay.
The brown and green bowl below is from nestingemily. Earthy perfection.
Nanbanceramics has pots with great character, like this nanban tea bowl.
Simple perfection from lorikoop in her Hip bowl below.
I love how the unglazed clay of this fortune cookie mimics the texture of real fortune cookies. I found it at linzb's shop.
These bowls from JclayPottery have already sold, but I had to include them.
I love the subtle variation in color in this tea bowl from FredParkerPottery.
These sweet little white dandelion wall vases from eikcam have glazed interiors and designs, but an unglazed background.
I love this vessel from claynfiber's shop. The iron oxide showcases the naked clay perfectly.
The unglazed bonsai pot from clamalleypots below has great variation in color in the speckled clay.
ChrisGreenwood's shop has this lovely little unglazed cup.
I love this swirl tea set from amyhuntpottery - it has the perfect combination of bare clay and decoration.
If you're aware of other artists who leave their clay naked, let me know. I must feed this fixation!


Amanda said...

My dad still has the one I made in highschool.

Lori Koop said...

GREAT pieces, Tracy! I feel privileged to be included. Thank you :-D

Gina said...

Naked clay is wonderful and you've put together a great collection! I'm honored that you've included one of my pieces.

Liz said...

I really like the contrast between the unglazed areas and the glaze. So earthy and pretty.
Ceramics, sadly, was one art I never excelled at. It was so much harder then it looks!
A contributor to bought my ramekins and served up little potato salads in them on her post. I hadn't though of that, and they looked really cute.

Liane said...

oh, i had gazed longingly at seven poppies pots in the top picture but then they were sold and gone. beautiful rustic pots.