Monday, April 26, 2010

Starting Seeds

We recently started a bunch of seeds in little pots, and I've been very pleased with their progress. I've been less pleased with the delight our dogs have found in sneaking "dirt snacks." They seem to have especially enjoyed the hot pepper seeds... We have the pots set up on a few plastic trays, plus a galvanized garden tote, and inside a small greenhouse I bought at Ikea several years ago. If you want to join me in growing dirt snacks, I've found everything you'll need (excepting the dirt). Below is a seed starting tray from andrewsreclaimed.
This seed starting planner from aQuickStudy is just the thing to help figure out when to plant those green beans.
Dabble with planting with this garden dibble from woodenapple.
We planted mostly vegetables, but I couldn't resist starting some black eyed susans. Thebearfootshaman has black eyed susan seeds.
I adore these antique terra cotta garden pots from solsticehome.
MakeScentsWithNature has these wooden paper pot makers - I recently bought one from their shop and I love it. It's even easier to use than I thought it would be. Can't wait to make your own pots? RushofWings has newspaper pots already made for you.
You could also start your seeds in a sweet little vintage coffee cup from ARareThread. Don't forget to water your seeds regularly. It's very important. Remind yourself with this Water Me garden marker from monkeysalwayslook.
Once you've transplanted your plants outside, you'll need garden markers to keep track of which plant is which. MakeThyme has these copper garden markers that will do the trick.
Wish us luck that the seedlings continue to grow, and that the dogs don't indulge themselves too frequently. Are you starting seeds indoors this year?


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I too love gardening... and love planting seeds. I have basil, tomatoes, rosemary, and cilantro in my garden.

solsticehome said...

what a lovely gardening post, tracy.
thanks so much for including my pots.
i'm off on a trip next week, so i'm holding off planting my seeds until i return.

Zoe, A Quick Study said...

What a thorough collection! Thanks for including my printable seed starting scheduler/ planner!

I didn't manage to start from seed this year (I've got a 10 month old who is into everything and we're also getting ready to move), but I can't wait to do it again next year, with a much bigger garden!

allison cecil said...

Ok I'm out the door and into the garden! These items are so inspiring! Thanks!!