Saturday, April 3, 2010


Lately I've been thinking a lot about siblings. Specifically the little things that you shared for so long, they're experiences and references that will be a part of your lives forever. You grow up, you move away, you don't see each other every day the way you used to. And then when you do see each other as adults, you start to remember all of those things that both of you know, but no one else knows. It can be almost like twins who invented a secret language that no one else understood. So this is my tribute to siblings, mostly big sisters and little brothers. (Above photo from astimefliesby, as is the photo below, which does bear some resemblance to us as kids.) Rocking the Hulk tshirt, from VintageFunland.
The photo below from thevintagemode reminds me of some pictures we took back in the day...
Definitely related, right? From ShadowsPerch.
I suspect these two don't always get along so well. Found at NostalgiqueArt.
This is truer to the brother-sister relationship. Find these scowls at MarthasAttic.
It is possible to have fun together, though. See below from jessicavintage.
Another from jessicavintage: even though the brother is older, how could I not include this moment in time?
I would not have been happy in either of these outfits. Found at jenniedots.
It's so much easier nowadays that boys are typically dressed like boys, unlike the poor kid in this pram who I found at happysteiler.
Matching outfits. From DogDayAfternoons. In our case, I was Alice and he had ears and a giant alarm clock.
debsatticfinds offers us this dour pair.
Not a photo, but too good not to share. Intelligence is hotly debated amongst siblings, isn't it? Now we have a chart for determining the likely range. Snatch it up from VintageButtercup. Give your kid brother (or sister) a squeeze for me this weekend. Just make sure he doesn't fall off the bench.

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