Thursday, April 1, 2010

Flash Bulbs

When I was a kid, I used my dad's childhood camera. I took a lot of pictures, and I must have inherited my dad's eye, because I would take artsy pictures of fallen leaves (rearranged for better effect, of course) and brick walls. The camera was a lot like the one above from noodleandlouvintage. It had these great flash bulbs that would rotate when you used each side. I still have the camera and some flash bulbs. Somewhere.
And that's the problem. After I arranged a glass hurricane with a bunch of old lightbulbs, I thought it would be great to add some of the old flash bulbs to the mix. And I can't find the camera. I know I still have it somewhere, because I never throw anything away, and I definitely wouldn't throw away a family heirloom like this camera. So while I'm turning the house upsidedown to find the camera and bulbs, I thought I'd share some I found on Etsy, and maybe I'll earn enough karma to find mine.
Blue flash bulbs from ethanollie. Sky blue bulbs from LilThriftyGirl. I get such a kick out of the colors of these flash bulbs I found at oldthings.
Nice styling of flashbulbs at possumgully (so nice they've already sold).
This lot of flash bulbs is already reserved, but I had to include them because twoartdirectors does such a good job of photographing their items.
Let's hope this sheds some light on the matter of where mine have gone...


threeoldkeys said...

The round flashbulbs are so cool.

But them flashcubes bring back some bad memories. Not to mention bad pictures.

"Did it flash?"
"Didn't rotate."
"This one's a dud."
"All 4 sides, or just one?"
"Wasted another picture."


noodle and lou said...

thanks for featuring my little olympics set tracy! what a fun post...i am in love with all the bulbs you featured!! what a great idea to display them...they make beautiful little vignettes!! good luck finding yours:) xox...jenn

Vintage Goods Too said...

Thank you for featuring my flash bulbs in your blog. What a fabulous collection of shots!
(pun intended : )

Sharon Letts
Vintage Goods Too

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

I had that exact same camera! I forgot about the rotating flash bulbs.

Trishia said...

Wow! Talk about a flash from the past:) A bowl full of those would be fun frou frou for decorating.....The good old days. The flash went off, you were blinded for 5 mintues afterwards (and then when the pictures got developed, you learned you had closed your eyes and ruined the pic anyway!ha!)