Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today's Adventure

I locked myself out of the house today. I took both dogs out on their leashes, and when I returned, the door into the house from the garage was locked. I had no phone, no key. Anyone who I might have called (using a neighbor's phone, I suppose) to bring me a spare key was either very far away or unavailable. So I had to kick the door in. The good news is that the guy we had fix the door from the last time this happened did a great job. The bad news is that he will probably have to come back. You're probably thinking I need to keep a spare in the garage, since this has happened before. I do keep a spare in the garage, but last week when I rearranged the garage to prepare for the electrician coming to install the kiln, the spare wound up inside. Obviously I need a key storage solution like the key rack above from halfpintsalvage, and I should have been wearing boots like these from indai.
Instead I was wearing a business suit and these heels from Frye.
The dogs were just thrilled to wait for me to kick the door in. The routine is that they get their puppy chow as soon as we go back inside, and the big dog was pretty anxious to get inside. He didn't understand why I wouldn't just open the door, and stood there barking at me. The little dog happily snuffled around the garage eating bits of stick and leaves. The story has a happy ending, though. The spare key is back in the garage, and the dogs did get their puppy chow.


( everyeskimo ) said...

guess who gets shoved through the window when this happens to us? it always worries me that the neighbors don't even blink an eye.

much sympathy for being barked at while frustrated. that's no help at all. maybe if you chewed on a stick? from what i've observed 'round our house, that's apparently pretty relaxing.

Indai said...

Oh no, that's no fun!