Friday, April 9, 2010


We had a gullywasher yesterday. And so, inspired by the rain and while poaching, er... browsing the favorites of tugboatprintshop, I gathered these rainy items. (Above, Little Cloud Painting by Ambera, and below, Wavejumper from tugboatprintshop.) Glass fishing float, from GlassFloatJunkie.
Light blue enamel cups from Hindsvik.
WAC WWII raincoat from foxybyproxy.
Deluge original watercolor painting from GollyBard.
Collect Your Tears, still life photo print from illuminession.
Storm Watcher from lewfoster.
Crocuses in Spring Rain print, by veeninga.
After The Rain, by PoetryAndCloth. Enjoy the Spring while it's here, in Virginia we always slip into Summer far too quickly for my liking.


holly aka golly said...

Thank you for featuring my painting in your lovely spring rain selections! Have a great weekend! Best, Holly

Kerri said...

Hi there, thanks for adding my leaves photo to your post! You have a beautiful blog :)

Carolina said...

Thank you so very much for featuring my photograph! I'm honored to be included among so many wonderful pieces. <3

Ambera said...

Nice blog!! :D
I'm delighted you poached me, thank you for the feature!

NewDominionBlues said...

Thank you, folks! I do enjoy a good poaching session. ;)