Monday, December 28, 2009

Wood and Wool, and New Dominion Blues

Imagine my surprise Sunday morning when I stumbled upon one of my items in the Get The Look: Home Decor Edition of Etsy's Storque (blog). This regular article in the Storque is one I look forward to every week (along with Quit Your Day Job). I love getting a glimpse into someone's home and being infused with inspiration by their aesthetic. I aspire to one day have a home in which everything reflects my preferences, but there is neither enough time or funds to leapfrog to that end in the near future. Until then, I will admire the homes of others, and slowly gather ideas for my own. This weekend’s Get the Look: Decor is inspired by the Dutch home of Ingrid, the designer behind the Wool & Wood Stool Etsy shop. I am posting some of her Flickr photos here to entice you, but I encourage you to visit her photostream to get the full effect.
I don't know whether I love this mirror or the post it's on more.
Table perfection.
Glass bottle perfection.
Such excellent color and composition in this still life of mandarins and cape gooseberries. As the shop name suggests, Ingrid makes wooden stools and covers them with wool crochet. Which leads to lovely wool yarn vignettes like this one.
My vintage blue dyed textile spools were chosen as an item that conjures the relaxed simplicity you will find in Ingrid's home.
I was doubly satisfied to be a part of a group of items that included pieces I have previously featured here, like this bright blue mini cupboard from oldcrowfarm. That's confirmation of my excellent taste, right?
Some of my perennial favorite shops were also featured in the article, like TheLovelys, which has this fantastic antique fan. I have also featured blackeyedsusan previously, and I love this driftwood chalkboard as much as the mirror I previously posted. Fellow Design Style Guide member ShakaStudios was included with this great folding quilt rack.
I was led to some new favorite shops, too. Don't you love this chair from summerland?
I really enjoy the chippy paint patina on this vintage wall sconce from dkgeneralstore.
This cobbler's bench from brandmojointeriors combines reclaimed pine with beautiful craftsmanship to create a simple but pretty piece.
Be sure to read the whole article for more eye candy, and visit the Flickr album and the Wood & Wool Stool shop.


everyeskimo said...

congrats on the feature! and that yarn collection just made me weak in the knees. i could hoard craft supplies just for looking at all the beautiful colors and textures.

NewDominionBlues said...

Don't forget office supplies!