Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Warmth

Are you staying warm? I haven't measured our snow, but it's probably in the two-foot range. To inspire warmth in my mind, if not in my body, I went browsing for a few inspirational items. The piece above from ecologicalartist is just stunning, isn't it? It can be used as a wall hanging or worn as a scarf - either way I get warm fuzzies thinking about it. I have to admit I am a bit taken with the photo as well; the floors, the wall, the chair, everything.
The pattern and texture of the scarf above makes me smile like the model. And dusky blue is a perennial favorite color of mine. Be sure to go to the marshallarts79 shop and click on the other photos so you can really appreciate the detail in the scarf.
Wouldn't you love to wear this capelet from ItalianPaw while you were wrapping up your holiday shopping? My last minute errands wouldn't be a chore, they would be a joy to sashay about town with this thick cabled high-necked piece.
This flamenco felt scarf is frilly in all the right ways, but it will stand up to those winter chills. You can be sure of this, as FeltInspired is located in Chicago - the artist surely knows something about retaining warmth in a harsh winter.

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Anonymous said...

thank you for featuring my piece :) the items you picked are so lovely!