Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Repurposing for Organization

Let's talk repurposed organization! I've done similar posts, but I continue to find so many items that could be given new life, either by fulfilling their original purpose, or reincarnated with a little creativity. In and Out boxes from tippleandsnack would make Alex from A Clockwork Orange proud. The tags are really perfect additions - Bog knows I would confuse my paperwork files otherwise! This rusty old rake head would be lovely hanging upsidedown on a wall. I could see hanging ornaments from the tines, or even suspending stemmed glassware through the tines above your dry bar. Visit TheDailyVintage. VintageEmbellishment offers this sap bucket. I have one that I use to store rolls of paper and rolled sheets of cork. The hole at the top is very useful for hanging the bucket off of your floor or work surfaces.
I always love vintage tool caddies. TurtlesCreek has this cute red tool box that can double as a handy storage item and excellent open display piece. I can see it piled high with hammers and screwdrivers, and I can just as easily see it hosting stacks of apples on a dining room table.
There are never enough bins to hold all the projects I have started, or to hold the supplies I'll need to work on them. Here are two vintage enamel bins from TheLovelys to start pulling things together.
Waiting for a new home, this iron clip promises to hold onto your laundry lists with the utmost discretion. Find it at thebestthings.
Also camping out at thebestthings is this chalk tin with the assurance that the chalk that formerly resided within was "free from anything injurious" - so use it to store your personal effects without worry!
I'm always looking for storage solutions that can stand up to the rough lifestyle that having two rowdy dogs creates. This former industrial parts bin from tentpitcher looks up to the task.
This spice rack from solsticehome has a ledge for your whatnots, jars for your spices, and a label so you won't forget.
I got so excited when I saw this stamp rack from solsticehome. Sure you can hang stamps from it, but couldn't you also hang glass ball ornaments from the tiers? Or just rest them in the slots!
I would use this iron hanger from saltydoghome to display hanging items - but I would be careful not to cover up the great design within its structure. So no shirts, please, but how about clipping a print, or tying knit stockings to each section, or training a bit of ivy to grow through the holes?
It's a turtle! It's a frog! It's BOTH! It's a turtle frog! At RomasMasion.
OpenYourWindow has this great wooden barware holder that would be just as adept at displaying other objects as well.
The oldcrowfarm shop gives a number of storage suggestions in their picture (above) of their industrial 4 bin storage unit. What a great addition to a home office, studio or kitchen.
Another industrial storage bin solution comes from nerdnest. The bins were originally used on bucket elevators - too cool.
I'm enjoying picturing this vintage thread rack holding glaze samples in my studio, but I am sure it would be just as capable of organizing and displaying the accoutrements in your workspace. It's at MactonRoad's shop.
I cannot tell you how much I covet this vintage marmalade jar from luckylittledot. Surely I have pens and brushes and calipers and rulers that need a home such as this?
Can't you see this metal bicycle basket perched by your door, holding your outgoing mail, your scarf, and that pair of mittens you can never find? Find it at hiddenlibrary.
This green metal file box would be so happy to store your tiny personal files. Find it at happydayvintage.
This clip from greatfindz will clamp down on even your meanest mail solicitations and your most expensive bills.
I found this vintage letter holder at funkeyfinds. Finally sort your bills!
I have long admired these copper bread loaf pans from extravirginhome. I can imagine countless uses - horizontal and vertical...
This vintage towel rack from defdif could be used to display vintage fabric, to store scraps in an organized fashion, or in a laundry room to dry your delicates.

This thread display unit from belalulu is just waiting for a new life organizing your little bits of supplies. I would spend so much time making sure each item stored in each section matched the color on the label...

Tell you what - if you post a comment about your favorite repurposed organizational item (or even an item that is continuing its original use), I'll randomly pick a commenter to receive something special.


everyeskimo said...

you know these kind of posts get me hopping up and down in my chair. i adore things that hold other things. the more vintage/industrial the better. lovely picks, as always... makes me want to go rummage around some old factories.

sue@solsticehome said...

great post! as a lover of vintage items I also want them to be useful...you hit it square on with some wonderful finds! thank you for including my items...

Jules said...

I love my little bankers box, that I store ribbon in. The slots in the top are perfect for displaying ribbon in the box. I also love my antique Silverware box, that I use to store jewelry making supplies!!

Megan said...

There are some amazing finds in there! I love re-purposed organization items. Thanks for including us!

She Can't Decide said...

some really unique finds!! I love the primitive look!