Monday, December 21, 2009

Step Into My Fawyer

I once saw the word foyer spelled fawyer, which cracked me up. It does make sense, though. Our fawyer is freshly painted. We used Benjamin Moore's Golden Tan, based on advice I received through the Washington Post Home Front chat. I wanted a color that would make our home glow warmly through the windows when you pass it on the street. I think we've been successful. Right now this antique marble topped library table is the first thing you see when you come in the door. Someday I want to get a big fiddle leaf fig tree for that spot.
Looking upstairs into the hallway, you can see the line of collage frames we have filled with family photos.
The landing and master bedroom door.
The hallway towards the kitchen.
Looking up to the second floor window, plus the builder-grade light I want to get rid of.
Looking down the hallway towards the studio on the very end.
I'll share more pictures once we put everything back on the walls and arrange everything.


everyeskimo said...

warm and cozy. feels like home. xo.

NewDominionBlues said...

You are welcome anytime. :)

loneweever said...

Your Fawyer makes my Fwa-Yay crave new paint.

Hope your dogs like it. It's most beautiful!