Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Birch Curtain Rods

We finally installed the curtain brackets and the birch poles as curtain rods in the den. I bought these birch poles in November of 2007! It took a long time to find brackets that I liked and that would fit the poles. Then I had the brackets, but it never happened. With the room newly painted, we had run out of excuses not to do it.
I bought the birch poles at the same time I bought the sheets of bark I wrote about here. I got them from White Birch Gifts, located in Maine. They have a number of birch products (logs, poles, sheets, lamps, candle holders, coat racks, birdfeeders...).

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everyeskimo said...

they're perfect and subtle! i wanted to do something like this a long time ago and never got around to it either - what is it about this project that's so daunting. you have wonderful taste, they look just right with the paint color too. xo.