Monday, December 7, 2009

Shenandoah Taupe

The items in my last post were so lovely in a soft, warm way, and I'm so happy about our latest painting project at home that I decided to continue the warm, taupe-y goodness. We are painting our den in Benjamin Moore's Shenandoah Taupe, and I think it was the perfect color for that space. I was a little concerned because we have some pretty bold colors in other rooms, but I think the "weight" of the taupe goes quite well with the rest of the house. The den has vaulted ceilings, and having the walls painted and the ceilings re-painted white really emphasizes that architectural feature. I will post pictures once we get the room re-assembled. In keeping with this neutral theme, I've selected some Etsy items to tickle your fancy. Driftwood is a material that always makes me happy. It's natural, it's weathered... and in the case below, it's from Lake Superior. With my family ties to the Great Lakes, I have a soft spot for beaches that aren't on an oceanic coast. Find this driftwood mirror at blackeyedsusan.

Cozy up your apple with kris0376's hand crocheted apple cozy. It would be an excellent teacher gift or lunch packer.

I have long admired the rustic metal butterfly magnets at merritthyde. Made from recycled barn roofing and hard cut flooring nails, I love that they are rustic and organic at the same time.

Add an accent to your wall, but keep the neutral aesthetic with this framed art from natureinspiredcrafts. Recovered and reclaimed wood makes the piece even more charming.

EcoDivaDesigns uses salvaged designer fabric samples - beautiful and responsible. This organic repetition pillow makes salvage a treat.

Sheaclay has this iced oatmeal bowl - just because it's neutral doesn't mean it isn't a show-stopper.

AnikaEaster's work is in this neutral palette that is calming with a hint of ennui. Willow is painted and the tree is made from hemp string.

This photograph titled The Beauty of Death from octoberphotography shows us that even death can be beautiful.

Combining birch trees, birds and a taupe background, I think this handpainted pillow from ShaNickers would be the perfect addition to my den.

Our next painting projects include another neutral - Benjamin Moore's Weimaraner for the master bedroom, and Benjamin Moore's Golden Tan, which I hope glows like candlelight when you view our foyer from the street. Do you have favorite neutral paint colors, or favorite neutral items to share?


merritt said...

I love the Shenandoah Taupe! Absolutely gorgeous choices! I feel so very honored to among them. Thanks so much for including by butterflies!

everyeskimo said...

i would definitely paint my living room, if it didn't have so many, many, many walls. (it would be overwhelming.) browns are so cozy, and really easy to lighten up or darken depending on your furniture. have fun painting!