Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Fun, Less Stress

For the last 2 years or so, at my day job, we've been saying we need "more fun, less stress." As evidenced by the fact that we've been saying it for so long, we're obviously still working on it. So today's selection is a collection of things that make me happy. Things that are fun. Things that are not stressful. Because there have to be things in this world that fall into that category that don't come in packages with the name Little Debbie on them. But maybe they do say OREO on them. You want to eat this, I know you do. Because I do. But you shouldn't because it's clay that has been fired and glazed to look identical to America's favorite chocolate wafer cookie. chARiTyelise makes these chocolate cookie pendants.
molecularmuse makes these gorgeous pieces of jewelry in the molecular form of serotonin. And that's the chemical definition of happiness.
I have wanted this silly fox hat from FeralWorks for over a year now. Having canine ears would surely improve my mood.
I can't decide if I am more drawn to the bird paintings at mincingmockingbird, or to their fantastic titles. This one is A Vague Sense That There Is More To Life Than Eating Gnats. Indeed.
I love that in lilarubyking's shop, gemstones are replaced by pebbles, as with these brown pebble studs. Natural but unexpected; though to me pebbles are just as beautiful as their flashier cousins.
A theme throughout these things that make me happy is unexpected materials serving a new role. This journal from lacunawork has a wood cover made from the back side of a cabinet.
The fact that the math is wrong on these mugs from KarinLorenc makes me happy. I hated math. Perfect defiance.
Check out this paper pop-up rhinoceros card from mollylee. I happen to think this homely beast is quite handsome in his fragile silhouette.
The play-bow from this scottie pipe holder makes me happy. He's ready for fun, and is waiting patiently in this post at Savanteer.
Pottery with honest to goodness feet = fun. But hippie sandals? Really? Way too fun. Find this one and more at JMNPottery.
Can't you see confusing the visiting neighbors with these ostrich eggs in a nest or bowl on the coffee table? They're currently incubating at extravirginhome.
When life is the pits, store them here. In this pit depository from clayswan. Or if life is going swimmingly, stash cherry or olive pits within.
Again, old, familiar items repurposed for new life. You know you want a LEGO C3PO flash drive, and that he would make you happy every time you had to transfer a file. And the shop name says it all: 123smile.
8BitMemory has external harddrives repurposed from original Nintendo cartridges, like this Super Mario Brothers game. Even storing the most evil of Goomba files would be a cinch with Mario and Luigi on your side. And that makes it fun, not stressful.

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