Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shop Crush: Native Vermont

I have a new shop crush. I have noticed the shop's pieces before, and even recognized the brand over time. I have mentioned the shop on my blog before. But a few days ago, I found myself browsing the shop, and I had to do a full post on nativevermont.
It may have been Ryan Fowler's treatment of dogs that first caught my eye. By now we all know I am a sucker for dogs, especially Labradors. Aren't these just the perfect depictions of the outdoorsy breed? I also love how the pieces are advertisements.
This simple maple leaf channels Vermont's reputation for stunning autumn display, which speaks directly to my affinity for the season.
And how cool are these bears? Again, the leaf and advertising themes, plus the assonance of Leaf Peeper makes it even better. And you can't tell me you don't want to join this black bear for a swim. If polar bears are your thing, nativevermont has you covered. I can't get over the fantastic colors and texture in these pieces. I would love to know more about his process. From what I can tell in the shop, the originals are made on canvas with a combination of collage and painting techniques. I have a soft spot for foxes, too. They are, after all, practically dogs. The fox below is so charming I think he and his crow friend with mistletoe would look great all year 'round.
And this chilly fella with a snowy background would be equally welcome in my home, no matter the time of year.
All of the nativevermont pieces speak to that little girl inside me who used to run through the woods, and considered the outdoors a second home. This Lake Dunmore piece takes me back to memories I'll have for the rest of my life.
I'm sure many of you will recognize this whale, as I've seen him on the Etsy front page a number of times. The listing references the story the artist heard from a friend about a whale encounter on a kayaking trip. These are the kinds of details you just can't replicate with mass-produced art, right?
The nativevermont shop also offers typography collages that can be personalized. These remind me of the bus rolls and other word art I've previously blogged about. Be sure to check out all the fonts nativevermont has available. I see from the shop announcement that nativevermont is traveling and moving its studios currently, so if you make an order, it may be a little while before your original can be sent (but prints will be sent right away - yay!). I just couldn't wait to share the shop with you, though. I love the subject matter and the recognizable style - they hit just the right spot.

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Mags said...

These are gorgeous! Thanks for posting this shop, I am going to check it out now!