Thursday, June 17, 2010

Souvenirs From Chicago

I wanted to show you some of the things we got in Chicago over the last week. Above is a stack of cds from a variety of blues artists we saw. Almost every single one is signed, and most of them also have a corresponding photo of Brian with the artist. If we had a previous photo of Brian and the artist, he had them sign that as well. You can see where David "Honeyboy" Edwards signed the cd above. While the cds are much more representative of our trip, I think you'll find "my" souvenirs more interesting. Below is a tile from Motawi Tileworks, a book on Chicago architecture, and two wooden ornaments.
These are a set of three Motawi tiles. I was so pleased to find a set that would work well with our decor. I think these will wind up in our foyer, where we have an autumnal theme.
Here is the back of the Motawi tiles. You can see the stamp, plus the notch for hanging. Additionally, the artist who (painstakingly) glazed the tile has signed the back. My guess is that they used an underglaze pen.
Finally, here are a few more things I picked up along the way. I went to the Benjamin Moore tent that was at the Blues Fest (probably the least blues-related tent I saw, but I was thrilled to see it), to see their promotion of their new Natura paint. I got a book and a brochure.
Fun stuff, right?

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