Friday, June 18, 2010

Chicago Highlights

I culled through my hundreds of pictures from our trip to Chicago to share some of the highlights with you. I had to get a new camera right before we left, so I had fun getting to know the new one. Above is taken on the stage at Buddy Guy's Legends [blues bar]. If one photo summarized the trip, this would be it. Since I had a new camera, it didn't fit perfectly in my old camera case. Trying to avoid buying another one, I went through my stuff and found the perfect solution: my moop hip pouch.
Carlos Johnson and his incredibly handsome guitar (seen above as well).
I can never get enough of the faded paint and bricked in windows on urban buildings. And nothing beats old business signage.
We saw a lot of outdoor performances, including a jam with a stand up bass,
and this slide guitar.
I've seen this sign at the Kingston Mines blues club before, and it always cracks me up.
I think Otis Taylor was my favorite "new discovery." His "trance blues" style really spoke to me - successful incorporation of a violin into blues is beyond cool - I think its inspiration may actually manifest itself in my pottery.
This piece is familiar!
We visited Willie Dixon's Blues Heaven Foundation, housed in the original building of Chess Records. You may have seen the recent movie Cadillac Records, based on the rise of Chess, where Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Etta James, Howlin' Wolf and Chuck Berry recorded.
Buddy Guy's Legends is where we spent perhaps the majority of our time. They just opened a new location, and we were there for the grand opening celebration.
The man of the week was Buddy, who appeared on stage twice at the new club, at the Blues Fest kick off and the grand opening of the club.

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