Sunday, July 26, 2009

The History Of The Sea, and Laundry

I wanted to share some things I picked up at Two Guys Antiques, and a couple of things that came in the mail for me today. I had seen this framed 1936 Fortune magazine cover the last time I went to Two Guys, but I didn't buy it. Today, it was half off. Score! I think it may go in the home office. I found this sweet little pocket level. I'll use it in the studio.
The antique book is called The History of the Sea. It covers everything from the Ark to Magellan to Captain Cook. The wire basket came in the mail from I'm So Vintage, an excellent Etsy shop. The vintage wooden pant hangers are also from the same shop.
The sweet copper measuring cups are a perfect and functional addition to my kitchen, where I am using copper accents.
I'll find a use for the green-topped syrup container in my studio.
These green paring knives will be useful in the studio - I enjoy the opportunity to use vintage tools whenever I can.
I had a specific use in mind for the vintage wooden pant hangers, and I am pleased that it worked out just as I hoped. I bought this vintage laundry bag from Three Potato Four, and I wanted to hang it in the laundry room. Success!

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