Sunday, July 5, 2009

Empty Bowls

On Friday I went to Manassas Clay and participated in the kickoff throw-a-thon for Empty Bowls, an event they host for a local charity, SERVE. Empty Bowls is a national event where potters sell bowls at a dinner with soup, pasta, or food donated from area restaurants. Manassas Clay has been hosting this annual event for at least 10 years. Last year, I had only been taking classes for a month or so, but they welcomed me to the throw-a-thons, and I think that early practice and encouragement really helped my skills tremendously. I tried to go to as many as possible, and I will try to do the same this year. It's great practice, and it's for a great cause. The money they raise through selling handcrafted bowls and raffle tickets (for donated items) goes towards a well established organization that helps feed the hungry in our community (among other services they provide). I am thrilled to be a part of this event, and I'm looking forward to seeing the hundreds and hundreds of bowls we collectively throw, trim, and glaze. Last year at the dinner, I bought two bowls and a tshirt. I wear the shirt almost every time I throw as inspiration.

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