Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crusty Pots

I wanted to share the glazing results on two of the pots I posted recently. I threw two cylanders, painted each with a liquid silicate (dyed with iron oxide for a red color), let the silicate dry, and then bellied out each of the cylanders to reveal craggy crackles. The next week I trimmed a foot on each pot. After they were bisque fired, I dipped each in soda ash. This first pot was also given a black lapis rim, slightly uneven, just for kicks. I threw the first pot with a speckled clay, and the second was thrown with a smooth, white clay.
You can see the specks in the clay on the inside of the pot.
I expected to like the first pot a lot better, but I have to admit that the red looks really vibrant on the white clay, and I enjoy how it becomes orange near the rim.
I flattened this pot a bit after I threw it, giving it a somewhat oval shape.
You may also recall that I did a tile workshop in May. One of the things we did was paint on some blank tiles with glaze. This is one of the tiles I painted - we used a number of glazes and wax resist. I'm not sure if I like the result, but it's growing on me. I especially like the glaze in the hill behind the tree. It was called Sherwood Forest.

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