Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Everyday Extraordinary

Every day on my way to work, I pass this dilapidated old building. The sagging roof always catches my eye, and every day I think, I should stop and take a picture. For several years, I haven't gotten out to take a picture. I knew that I needed to take one soon, though, because the land was rezoned a few years ago, and they will demolish the existing buildings and build a new neighborhood. Yesterday, it was a strange, wet, balmy January morning, with rain off and on. As I approached the sagging roof, I thought to myself, maybe the clouds will be doing something interesting, and I should stop and take a picture... I then thought that the conditions were about right for a rainbow, and before I could even finish the thought, there was a giant rainbow. I had to pull two U-turns to park my car safely, and walk a good ways down the road to get back to the buildings, and by that time, the rainbow had faded away. I took some pictures anyway. As I was finishing up, another rainbow appeared in a different part of the sky. I'm telling you, the weather was strange yesterday. This one was much smaller, and less bright, and through utility lines, but hey, a rainbow is a rainbow. I'm glad I finally got around to stopping to take some pictures. I would have regretted not having some to remember the sagging roof. Because one morning, I will drive to work and it won't be there. And we need to remember to appreciate the little things in our everyday lives that are actually extraodinary.

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