Friday, January 22, 2010

Real Estate

I have been quite busy this week with my day job.  I've had little time with the computer, and even less being creative.  Boo.   It looks like the next few weeks will be about the same.  Which is really too bad, because I am really charged up about some of the vintage finds I've made in the last few weeks, and the ideas for handmade items I've had recently.

I have been so busy I haven't even had time to call the electrician about wiring my house for the new kiln, which is probably just as well, because I don't have time to stay home with him to get it done.  I've been out of the office for a few days doing training, and I can't very well take off the other days.

The other sadness I have is that when I am home, I am too tired to work on things, and there is no light to take pictures of things that are ready to go into the shop.  Bad winter lighting combined with working a day job isn't a very good formula for listing new items.

I did want to relay some very important news however.  Last Sunday at Manassas Clay, my pottery teacher asked me if I wanted to take over a new shelf.  The new shelf is easily 4 or 5 times bigger than my old shelf.  I was so very pleased.  This is no small gesture - Fran doesn't just give away good real estate!  Other veteran potters even congratulated me.  My old shelf could barely accommodate my tools, a bag of clay, and 4 or 5 pots.  Every week I struggled with how to fit everything, and sometimes had to take my tool caddy home or borrow space on other shelves.  I don't think I will ever have that problem again, and indeed, my first day with the new shelf, I loaned space to two other students.  I suppose this makes up for the deluge of day job activities.

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Sue Furrow said...

Congrats on acquiring the new real estate. I've had similar luck this year. Doesn't it feel great to move forward?!!