Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Everyday Rainbows

(Needle felted acorns by WishingTreeCreations.) I have an affinity for rainbows, dating back to my grandfather's funeral in early high school. It had been a sad, dreary day. After two funeral services (he was a very popular minister) and the burial service, the weather began to clear up. As we drove away from the cemetery, a gigantic rainbow spanned from one horizon to the other, and it appeared that one end of the arc ended at the cemetery. Afterwards, my grandmother and I would send each other rainbows - cards, mementos, anything that reminded us of each other and my grandfather. Even after her passing, I continue to look for rainbows, and I have seen them on other difficult days. They have become a sign for me, reminding me that this difficult time shall pass, and to look for and appreciate the beauty around us. I see rainbows in everyday items, not just in the sky after a rain shower. Recently I've noticed this ring in an advertisement on craftcult. I finally broke down and clicked on it - I was so curious to know what kind of stone transitioned from such a clear, bright blue to a rich amber. kimsjewels' citrine ring inspired me to look for other items that morph in color and can lend us a subtle rainbow in our everyday lives. Glaze on pottery can offer an infinite array of colors, and when you combine them and let the kiln gods perform their combination of science and magic, you can get amazing results. This soup cup from JDWolfePottery is an excellent example. And don't even get me started on their plaid pattern below...
Wooditis has some incredible tiles. The detail below is blue, but can't you see a range of colors peeking through their floating blue glaze?
Redhotpottery has a set of ice cream bowls that show us another rainbow palate.
I am a huge fan of khphillips' wood and soda fired pottery, and I couldn't choose which of his colorful pots to share. Below is his wood fired tea cup and saucer.
His wood and soda fired bowl below features some of his stenciled designs, adding layers to the colors.
His single stoneware bowl below packs just as much whallop in a smaller package. Raku firing offers additional opportunities for the kiln gods to show off their color prowess. CandaceMcCollough's copper vessel displays a full range of colors.

Duskier colors shine through in artyardstudio's copper flash raku pumpkin.

Glass is another favorite medium of mine, and the magic of borosilicate gives ample opportunity for skilled artisans like Paula at Venbead to make glass-enclosed rainbows. I've mentioned before how I have several of her pieces, and I continue to lust after her beaded skeleton keys.

My very favorite stone is labradorite. I think that's partially because of my dearly departed soul-mate labrador, but it's also because of the astounding flash in the stone. The flash can range anywhere between violet, bright blue, green, yellow and an amber orange. Today I am wearing a pendant very similar to the ring below by MsRose.

I did a search on labradorite housewares, and these bookends from resaresa22 took my breath away.

The combination of metal and time can yield lovely results. Check out the colors on these tarnished silver spoons below from SAGEOLIVE.
I love the tarnish on this creamer and sugar set below from milkglassandmetal.
The name of this urban decay 6 drawer organizer from oldcrowfarm gives an indication of the fantastic patina of this non-traditional rainbow of colors.
Rust may slowly take metal away, but in my opinion it gives back more in terms of color and interest. Vintage metal frogs by ionesattic.
Some artists can harness the power of oxidation and create beautiful, colorful works of art. Below is a hand raised copper bowl by silversister.
You can probably tell I am a sucker for copper, especially if it has a bit of verdigris. I love this Old World copper watch by foxygirlboutique.
Copper presents so many opportunities for changing color, creating texture, adding depth... instilling joy. Etched metal artwork below by CopperLeafStudios.
astrokeofgenius will create a custom clock with this gorgeous piece of oxidized copper. I would name mine Aurora Copperalis.
I hope these artists have inspired you to look for the rainbows where we can find them. It brightens even your darkest days, I promise.


Old Crow Farm said...

Awesome picks. I loved tarnished beauties too! Happy junking!! Jordana

Orion Designs said...

Fabulous selections. I admire your outlook :)

Copper Leaf Studios said...

simply beautiful! The pottery in particular is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing!

Christine--RHP said...

always inspired!!
what lovlies you've found! thanks for including my bowls too!

MudStuffing Pottery said...

Gorgeous! I really like those tarnished spoons and creamer, you've got me hooked on tarnish! Thanks for including me in this collections!

everyeskimo said...

your rainbow story is too sweet, and i know you and your grandmother must have really enjoyed sending and receiving those rainbows and memories. another sweet & lovely post.

NewDominionBlues said...

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments! It's so easy to post when you have such a fruitful field as Etsy to cull from. :)