Monday, January 25, 2010

Banner Monday

I've decided that I am in desperate need of a new shop and blog banner, and probably coordinating business cards and the rest of the works.  I've collected a few shop banners that I admire, and seem to capture the aesthetic of the shop.  I think I like banners that are primarily photographs, with overlaid text.  My current shop banner is birch bark with New Dominion Blues over it, but it isn't great quality.  And while it does capture my aesthetic, it isn't an image of anything I have made or sell in my shop.  Selling both handmade and vintage items complicates the matter a bit. 


Does anyone have any recommendations for a graphic artist who would "feel" what I'm going for?  I could try to do this myself, but I'm willing to pay a professional to get it right.


everyeskimo said...

any luck with a new banner? i need one two, but am rather undecided on how i want to represent myself. currently it's brown. i like brown.

such a big decision! can't wait to see what you come up with!

Elizabeth said...

I would be able to help you with it as long as you had the picture you wanted to use (it would have to be high quality.

you can email me at woolandspool (at) gmail (dot) come

NewDominionBlues said...

Eskie: I like your banner. I almost included it in the ones I posted.

Elizabeth: What a kind offer! I'm still in the deciding stage, but I may very well contact you! :)