Friday, January 8, 2010

The One, The Only, everyeskimo

I have been dying to share this with you, and finally have the time to give it appropriate treatment. Unbeknownst to me, my own mother and my internet-friend Regina at everyeskimo conspired against me this Christmas season. My mom, and Etsy seller herself, knew that I drool over everything in the everyeskimo shop (and blog!). She ordered a few items for me as a Christmas gift. She said nothing of it to me, and neither did Regina. On Christmas day, as my family gathered to exchange gifts, the first gift my parents gave me said "To Tracy, From Mom, Dad and everyeskimo." I was incredulous; this was too good to be true! As the story goes, my mom purchased several items, and Regina included a few more goodies for me. This was such a happy occasion for me; the rest of the gift exchange ground to a halt as I carefully unwrapped each piece and exclaimed over each one. An apothecary bottle, glass beakers and test tube (above)!
Game pieces that spell my name (above)!
Lovely gift tags (above)! An incredible glass lens dish (with air plant supplied by my mom)!

A really lovely vintage family portrait - I had to look long and hard to see whether they might actually be relatives of mine.

The full array is above, and I've zoomed in on the turtle pins and the library book pocket below. I was (and still am) just so surprised and excited to own pieces from one of my favorite-est shops on Etsy. Once the others in my family returned to unwrapping their own gifts, ignoring my continued exclamations, I did mention to my mom how it was so funny that Regina had sent me gifts, as I had sent her a box as well. I have integrated all of the items into my studio to inspire me with the same happiness and creativity I experienced on Christmas day. The game pieces are in a letterpress tray on the wall, the paper items are tucked into my inspiration board, along with the turtle pins, and the glass pieces are resting on shelves, ready to serve in scientific or non-scientific tasks. I cannot thank my mom and Regina enough for the gifts, they truly brought me more joy than I deserve.

Be good. Be easy. xo, everyeskimo.


everyeskimo said...

don't you dare say it's more joy than you deserve! you deserve so much more (and i'm quite sure you mom agrees with me!)

so pleased that you enjoyed everything, and i hope it makes you smile when you're working in your studio!

i'm so very lucky to be your friend, you know!

loneweever said...

I'm trying to figure out how you two might be related.