Monday, November 2, 2009

Yes, Virginia, There Is An(other) Election

Unlike most states, the Commonwealth of Virginia has an election every year. For those of us in the public service and political worlds, it can be exhausting to have continual campaigning. For those "normal" people who don't pay close attention to what we call "off-year" races (when it does not coincide with a Presidential election), it can be downright annoying. (Re-elect McCheese campaign poster from Laceybabe.) Members of Congress are elected every other year. With all that campaigning, what else can they get done? For that matter, what DOES a congressman do? (Find out from Vivalasvintage's book above.) Ah. Of course. They play pinochle. MyWagonette has these vintage Congress playing cards.
But look, someone has to be willing to take a relatively low public servant's salary. Colvin Butler here is experienced and dependable. And his county has the best name - Otter Tail County. (Campaign blotter from VintageLibrary.)
And think of the generations of effort it took for us to give everyone the right to vote. (Vintage suffragette postcard from PaperFranks.)
Learning about your candidates for elected office may not be convenient, but as Winston Churchill said, Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others. Think of how lucky we are to have a hand in choosing our decision-makers and leaders. (Humphrey and Muskie campaign button from vintagejudy.)
It is a priviledge to participate in our government. (Voting delegate buttons from TheLovelys.)
WE choose who populates our halls of government, who resides in Governor's mansions, and who may continue their service, or be asked to step down. (Capitol building bottle from surfacetoairmedia)
There are public servants at every level whose fate rests in our hands on election day. (Campaign poster from MyWagonette.)
When they are counting the votes, I encourage you to be able to smile to yourself, knowing you participated in our government. Because voting isn't just a right, it's a responsibility. If we choose not to participate, we may as well revert to some other form of government that is easier to administer. And those of us whose lives change every election can get some rest. (Vintage ballot bag from SalvageNation.) Seriously, if you live in Virginia, take a moment to learn about your gubernatorial candidates, Lt. Governor candidates, Attorney General candidates, and the candidates who are running for your Delegate seat. And go to your polling place on Tuesday to cast your vote. I could tell you who to vote for, but I think that would defeat my point...

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