Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Joyful Noise with Turquoise

Five times a year the Pantone Color Institute releases its color forecast for the coming season/year. I recently saw that turquoise is expected to be hot for the coming spring and summer (along with tomato puree and celery... Bloody Mary?). It struck me that I had been noticing turquoise items on Etsy lately, and indeed had favorited several with the intent of writing a post about the color. I'm so cutting edge. So let's talk feathering your nest with turquoise! (My Nest Is Best photo from studiojb.) I fell in love with this cupboard from oldcrowfarm. It's useful, it's wood, it's turquoise. It was the first thing I noticed and favorited, thinking I would look for other items of a similar hue. When I saw these Edgewood tobacco tins from saltydoghome, I knew I was onto something. Can't you see these stacked on a shelf, organizing all your bits of miscellaneousness? Monkeysalwayslook has this turquoise ceramic bowl with hens and chicks. I love how the turquoise of the bowl really brings out the dusky blue in the succulent, where a green pot would make it more green. I would be thrilled to use these turquoise pots in my kitchen or as matching storage containers in my studio - or maybe plant succulents in them like MonkeysAlwaysLook... WillowCreekSparrow has them.
UmberDove invites us to get cozy with their pillow cover. The perfect way to update your decor with the trend without a big commitment.
This little owl scale would be a charming turquoise addition to any room. Find it at spacejam.
Sigmosaics offers this mosaic bowl. I absolutely love the glaze on the inside, and how the mosaic tiles on the outside capture both the dark and light depths of the color.
shoshonasnow shows us how just a little bit of turquoise goes a long way. Isn't it interesting how we usually would think of turquoise as a bright, energetic color, but the contrast with the black and white in this porcelain vase makes the blue a calming color.
What would you prepare with these nesting bowls from KarinLorenc? My wisk is twitching to get started on something delicious.
Can you believe how superbly cool johnnyvintage's 50s radio is? Color trends, like everything else I suppose, come and go, and come back.
Jadeitekate has these fantastic canisters with turquoise lids. Again, great for kitchen use, but certainly not limited to storing your tea, sugar and coffee.
Give your black and white photos an extra POP with this turquoise frame found at 2DogsWoodWorking. The frame is as cool as the name of the shop! For more color inspiration, check out Pantone's spring 2010 report. And if I get inspired, you may see some tomato puree posts from me in the future...


shoshonasnow said...

Love both the vintage and handmade! Turquoise and red....that's a color combo I could never get tired of....the colors of my kitchen!

UmberDove said...

DEEEEElicious! Gosh I love turquoise. Always have, always will and I WANT those tobacco tins! I just might need to buy them...

Anyways, I couldn't be more pleased to see my little cushion carrying on with the best of them!

glazedOver said...

Beautiful. This is making my eyes happy!

jaditekate said...

thanks for including my canisters on your great blog!

loneweever said...

I love every one of these ... the shades and variety of such a beautiful color, in so many textures and media. mediums.

And my favorite quote from your turquoise post is: ... "my whisk is twitching...."

Did you know turquoise is December's traditional birthstone?

everyeskimo said...

you know, i don't particularly like turquoise. until it's in a big group. then i get downright giddy. so, thanks... i'm practically dribbling!

lovely post. xo.

NewDominionBlues said...

Thanks everbuddy! I have way too much fun coming up with these posts.