Monday, November 9, 2009

In The Name of Science

As I said in my post about brass figures, maybe it's just the circles I run in, but I've noticed a trend of scientific accoutrements in home decor. This takes my affinity for school supplies (and work supplies...) to the next level.
This set of glass beakers from 26olivestreet looks great perched on a vision chart, but I am sure they would be just as happy serving as vases or storage for your buttons, etc.
Now you can measure the volume of your button collection in these graduated beakers from everyeskimo. Don't have a button collection? I'm sure you have an assortment of small items you're saving for some project or purpose. You know I'm right.
I know, I know, everyeskimo is likely to get a restraining order against me because I feature her items in nearly every blog post I write. But I just like her shop and blog so much... and how can you not fall in love with this glass lens?
These mad scientist bottles from vintageonthemake are beautiful by themselves, but would also look great storing little bits or holding colored water on a mantle.
Etched letters make this glass medical jar from tippleandsnack undeniably cool.
sweetcottagedreams has this small graduated cylinder with a metal base to keep it from tipping over when you use it as a bud vase or pencil holder.
Let's say you prefer amber glass, but you need a dropper, too. Garagelnc has you covered with this lab bottle.
This bulb shaped beaker from ladiesandgentlemen would look great lined up on a window sill with other beakers and bottles.

Mix up spirited concoctions with this bar set from ethanollie.

So many of these items are for liquid chemicals... But science is not limited to chemistry, as this vintage Biological Supply House jar with preserved material reminds us. Inquire at bluebellbazaar.
Back to chemistry for a moment (undeniably my worst subject in high school). This green chemist container from Hindsvik would be a great display and storage piece.

See what you can cook up with these tiny lidded crucibles from retrolabs.

Examine life a little closer with this microscope, also from Hindsvik.
I'm not sure what this piece of equipment from WilmaBella was originally for, but surely it's a scope of some kind. I would display a small something on the platform.
There are truly many MANY vintage educational and scientific charts available. Lucky us. This wall chart is from findingfabulous, and educates us on botany.
SurrenderDorothy reminds us that natural history is an important aspect of scientific progress with this fabulous illustration.
I encourage you to get out there, find some hardworking vintage science supplies, and give them new jobs. The best of reusing and recycling, and it should help the unemployment numbers, too. (Colorful beakers via Flickr.)


Rachel said...

Great post! Love all this science ware! I use Erlenmeyer flasks as flower vases! Thanks for including my crucibles.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What a fun and educational post! I just love old vials, beakers, and flasks...but those old charts are fabulous! Thank you for featuring my cylinder!!


BululuStudio said...

Hey nice post girl, great picks. I love garageinc lab bottle.

GarageInc said...

Thank you so much for featuring me. You have a great blog, keep up the good work.

MissButler said...

I love old apothecary and lab items -- especially anything in amber glass or with old labels.... you collected really cool items!

pey said...

Amazing finds !

everyeskimo said...

oh you spoil me! and you always find such beautiful things that my fingers begin to itch and i have to put them in my pockets to keep from buying everything you post.

Jana Martin said...

love this collection. you've got such a great sense for texture.

big hello from luncheonette vintage. :)

NewDominionBlues said...

All the lovely things make me want to reconsider my utter hatred for science, particularly chemistry...