Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dyeing To Try

I had some great luck yesterday at the Big Flea, a giant flea market that comes around every few months. Most of my finds are going into my shop, but I wanted to share these wood block stamps. These are vintage wallpaper and fabric stamps from Europe. The dealer had a whole table stacked full, but for some reason I was drawn to the paisleys. The raised designs are both wood and metal. I love that they're used, rustic, cracked, and lovely all at the same time. And they were once used for interior decor - how fitting. I will probably use them as decor, but I want to experiment with them and clay, and I have designs on using them for their original purpose... They have big openings in the back so you can firmly grip them as you stamp. This one had a number on the side - they must have had a lot of stamps to keep track of! You can also see how thick the stamps are from this side view. So mom, are you up for giving this a try?

1 comment:

loneweever said...

I can't find the sign-up sheet.

But count me in ! I can contribute the place, lots of trial fabrics and a dose of enthusiasm!