Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wood Fire

Lately I've been admiring wood fired pottery. It's a process I haven't experienced yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing the process and its results. I've pulled together some of my favorite wood fired pots from Etsy artists. This stunning bottle is from woodfirejim. I love the variety of colors.
This casserole dish by wagnerpottery demonstrates how lovely the shino glaze can be. As an added bonus, the item description includes a detailed account of the wood firing process for the uninitiated.
The mug above is also from wagnerpottery. You will find that the woodfired pottery is often in this orange-rust-brown color vein.
ttbam2001 features the work of artists like this mug from Gary K. Hootman. I enjoy that he included a bit about the artist in his listing.
This flounder vase by Joe Winter is also found in ttbam2001's shop. I love that the glaze can look like other elements than clay; in this case, it recalls rust.
MorrisPottery offers this funky pitcher. I enjoy the multi-colored glazes, and the extra carving and detailed additions.
This monarch bowl is also from MorrisPottery. The design is done with black and white slip trailing - breathtaking.
I want to learn to make such free formed pieces as this mug from landrydeese. Sometimes my pots are funky, but usually not on purpose and never this cool...
A wood fire post on my blog would not be complete if I didn't include a piece from khphillips. Many of his items are wood fired, including this bowl. I want to visit the bird in the weeds...
I found this gorgeous gravy boat at justinlambert. The spout and handle are perfectly proportioned.
I can't get over the glaze on this teapot I found at JordanTaylorPottery. Doesn't it remind you of old iron patio chairs with layers of decades of white paint?
I love the subtle details and simplicity of this vase from jarstudios. The blue is from blue glass impressed into the piece.
The richness of these goblets from heatherledwards123 is sure to add value to your dining decor and complement the best wine in your home.
GREENWOODSTUDIO offers this mortar and pestle complete with a pulled handle and spout.
You will not see this jug in a country band including a jar harp and washtub with a broomstick and twine on top. The brushstrokes and looped handle are far too elegant. Find it at foxpots.
Clayoh's shop has this lovely plate with a helpful description of some of the magic of what happens in the wood kiln.
Here's why I've been thinking about wood firing lately. I bought 25 pounds of wood fire clay, and have been working on some pieces to give it a whirl. The wood kiln at Tin Barn Pottery is up and running. These pictures are of one piece I've been working on. I threw the pitcher, trimmed the bottom, added a handle, and then added an external spout and carved away some of the original form so that it will pour nicely. My apologies for the bad quality of the pictures, they were taken with my cell phone. I spent half of class on Sunday adding the spout. There are so many opportunities for it to turn out poorly, so I am trying to be coy. If it turns out nicely, great. If not, it was a learning experience, and I'll apply what I learned to the next one.
They say never to get attached to any pot. My heart has been broken enough times that I try to be aloof.


Denise said...

You have collected a wonderful variety of wood fired items, thanks for including our bowl, and pitcher.

MudStuffing Pottery said...

Excellent collection of pots! Added some new etsy favorites I hadn't seen before, thanks for sharing and thanks for including one of my pots.

loneweever said...

I'm learning a lot about pottery by reading your posts and jumping to the etsy shops. Raku, huh? And now Wood Fired .... wow. These are all so beautiful.

And your own pitcher that's destined for wood firing has such a cool shape ... I'm loving it, but in an aloof sorta way ....

I wonder, do all potters have to feel aloof with every creation, until they see the end product from the kiln? That's rough, and gives me even more respect for the artists.