Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Worth of Words

Recently this antique New York subway rollsign by luckylittledot has been catching my eye in the Etsy giftguides, Etsy Finds emails... all over the place. [Sidenote: it sold before I could pull together this post.] I had already noticed it and liked it, but the more I saw it around the more I thought about why I liked it. It's bold, graphic, vintage, and appeals to my local government and urban planning interests. It also reminded me of something else I had noticed and admired...
Everyeskimo's gorgeous art. Click on the link to read her thoughts on words as decor, which I couldn't author any better, and the origin/inspiration for her work.
I did some searching on Etsy to see if there were other large scale black and white lettered decor options, if we aren't as talented as everyeskimo.
HirondelleRustique makes custom destination bus rolls - large, above, and a bit smaller, below.
GeeZees is another shop that will make a personalized bus roll, which really gets my brain thinking on what stops I would want to include... [For local readers: Woodbridge, Potomac Mills, Harbor Station!]
rsellmeyer has vintage bus/trolley rolls above, for Boston, and below, for Richmond.
Prefer numbers? Maybe these from StoneSchoolVintage will hit the spot.
I had to throw in the natural wood letters and background I saw in this Buttery sign by buttermilkpaint. A girl can't live in black and white alone...
Getting back to the transit theme, I found this brass railroad sign at corlissbs.
MyPrimitiveBoutique has this cute sign with the lyrics to You Are My Sunshine.


Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Thank you so much for adding in my Destination Canvas ... I am honored to be in amoung some great atists! thank you

Hirondelle Rustique said...

Oooo I love everyone's art! Thanks so much for sharing my Bus Rolls, I am so flattered! :)

stoneschoolvintage said...

Thank you so much for including my numbers in
"The Worth of Words" Great post... wonderful art....

everyeskimo said...

you are too good to me! my cheeks went all pink when i read your sweet post. i'm so very pleased that you like my painting... you have no idea how i agonized over sharing it!

and of course, you've written another lovely post. i find words so easy to relate to, and they can have just as beautiful an aesthetic as pictures.

thanks again! i'm quite chuffed.

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NewDominionBlues said...

^ Gift of random words! Perfect!