Friday, October 9, 2009

Vintage Maps

Despite what William Shakespeare said, all the world is not a page. It's actually spherical. And we have Christopher Columbus to thank for that discovery. (Vintage globe from my dad's childhood.)
If it weren't for this discovery, we wouldn't have Monday off, we wouldn't have decorating opportunities with globes, and grappling hooks would come standard on automobiles, just in case we fell off the edge.
As I've mentioned before, I think vintage maps are an excellent addition to a room's decor. True, they're not spherical like a globe, but that makes them easier to hang on a wall. A year ago I happened upon an antique shop as I was traveling back from a conference. I found some really great vintage maps.
I bought maps that portray areas that are meaningful to our family. The map in the two pictures above is Virginia, where my husband and I are both from. We've lived here all our lives. Virginia is where the "Dominion" in my shop and blog name comes from. You might have been able to see our house in the detail, but I don't think our house was built in 1899 when this map was printed.
My family is from Michigan; both of my parents grew up there. (Vintage map printed in 1892.) My husband's family comes from South Carolina. (Vintage map printed in 1906.)
Some of my family lived in Indiana before moving to Michigan. (Vintage map printed in 1919.)
Specifically, Charleston, South Carolina is meaningful, and I was able to find a vintage map of the city.
(Vintage map printed in 1893.)
This is an old "Indian" map of where we live now. This map isn't vintage, but I found it very interesting.
First, the map is printed sideways. North points to the right.
I didn't know that the Indians spoke in Latin!
Cherubs in the Commonwealth of Virginiae!
Here's another detail where our house would be, near the fine Patawomack River. I plan to frame all of these maps and hang them in our study. I bought a few other vintage maps that we'll be hanging in our basement blues bar. One is a vintage map of the City of Chicago, and the other is a vintage map of the rail system in the City. The blues music of Chicago is where the "Blues" in my shop and blog name comes from. I encourage you to use vintage maps that are meaningful to you and your family. Maybe you have a favorite vacation spot, a city where you have fond memories, or a place you've always dreamed of moving to.

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loneweever said...

if all the world WERE a page, would we all be merely page numbers?

love your maps&globes.