Saturday, October 24, 2009

Full Bowls

Friday evening's Empty Bowls event to benefit SERVE, Inc. was a fantastic success. The potters of Manassas Clay donated over 700 bowls. Attendees walked up and down the hallway, gazing at all of the bowls, carefully choosing which one(s) they would bring home. Almost every bowl found a home. We also sold T-shirts with the Empty Bowls logo on it. I had a black one from last year, but of course I had to buy a white one this year. Looking down the hallway of bowls. Each bowl is unique.
Folks would ask me which ones I threw. It's really hard to know, since you might throw it, but someone else probably trims it, and a third person probably glazes it.
I know I touched every single bowl, however, because I wiped out each bowl after we unpacked them onto the tables. They were basically clean, but some of them had a bit of clay dust in them, and I wanted them to look their best for the crowds.
Some of the bowls had a card in them explaining the concept of Empty Bowls.
Sometimes the folks who were glazing would create sets of similar bowls.
I believe I helped to glaze this set of blue and brown bowls.
I think my mom brought home the square handbuilt bowl below.
I liked the green over the golden luster glaze. It's not a combination I would have thought of.
Some attendees did buy several matching bowls.
So many bowls to choose from.
It can't be said enough how great it is of Manassas Clay to sponsor this event by contributing the clay, the potter hours, the firings, and the glazes. I haven't heard yet how much money we raised, but when I hear, I'll post it. The event was a lot of fun, and the volunteers were incredible - generating publicity, soliciting restaurant donors, setting up the event, checking in attendees, serving the food, and cleaning up. Thanks so much to everyone who came out - your contribution to SERVE will make a real difference for families in our community. I will post pictures of the bowls I chose in my next post.

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