Monday, October 26, 2009

Filling The Bowls

I bought three bowls at this year's Empty Bowls event. It can be hard to choose, but you don't feel too bad about buying a few, since the cause is so worthy. I liked the layering of the glazes on the bowl below. I also liked these two bowls below. They're glazed similarly - but they certainly aren't exactly the same. I think they're even different clays, and the foot is trimmed differently on each. But they clearly belonged together, and I couldn't separate them. I wanted to show you how we signed the bottom of each bowl. This one is a good example - we would sign them "Empty Bowls," or "EB," and some would add "Manassas Clay." When they come out of the bisque firing, we're able to differentiate them from all the student and studio potter pieces. And as a purchaser, the signature will remind you of all the literal and figurative empty bowls that you helped to fill.

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