Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Out of Doors, You Know

I think I've established in recent posts that Fall is my favorite season. I don't fare well in the sun, or in the humidity we have here in the Washington, D.C. region. So when things start to cool off, and everyone else starts to think about nesting inside, I start to think about how I can finally go outside and enjoy the crisp, cool weather. I can wear jeans and a long sleeve tshirt and be comfortable - hooray! Several years ago I noticed these pictures in a real estate listing. We were not in the market for a home, since we had just bought, but I saved the landscaping pictures from this listing because they were so inspiring to me. Our property is not as wooded as these pictures, but this back yard is nearly perfect: wooded, hardscaped, and useable.
Now that I am motivated to go back outside and enjoy the autumn air, I went looking for Etsy items that let me enjoy the season to its fullest.
We need a new picnic table on our deck, as our current table is rotting. This picnic table with backed benches by jeffreypohan would make an excellent replacement.
How fun would Shugi's autumn-colored table cloth be on the table, welcoming guests to celebrate Fall?
Knives, forks, spoons, and napkins can come outside in this vintage metal wire basket by ayme123.
I want adirondack chairs like these from JSCar59 on the other side of the deck, looking out over our vast suburband lands...
Grainsack pillows resting on the adirondack chairs would make a cozy touch. These are made by lesliejanson.
When the weather is still warm, I will sip iced tea as a survey my lands, poured from buygollymissmolly's vintage metal water pitcher.
And as it cools, I will cradle GlazedOver's textured pumpkin mugs in my hands, breathing in the steam from hot apple cider.
This vintage metal wheel furniture cart from silknparachute would make a great footrest/coffee table/drink cooler cart.
I will need some planters for the deck, like this fantastic mosaic pot by annamadeitdesigns.
This deck rail planter would be a perfect addition. Find it at natureinspiredcrafts.
How about a fresh bouquet in a minnow bucket from polkadotHOME as the centerpiece on the picnic table?
I will need to restock the bird feeders, and might as well add another one to keep the birds coming back through the winter months. Gypsypottery makes these rustic ceramic birdfeeders.
We cannot forget lighting for the evenings outdoors. I love these lanterns by MidwestFinds. Babyfood jars make these the sweetest little lanterns I've ever seen, courtesy of ARemarkYouMade.
I would hang Lepelstat's Orion's Lantern from the low branches of the large tree in our backyard.
And since we're under the tree now, how about another picnic table from TheMonkeysFriend?
This Asian garden lantern by LagunaGardenworks would be a shot of understated eclectic flair among plantings in the yard.
Let's put the birds up in better accommodations than we enjoy - HarmonsCountryCrafts offers this magnificent birdhouse/nesting box.
We can't forget to take care of the local bats, either. They eat mosquitos and other bugs that put a damper on outdoor festivities. Check out this bat house by Debmarques.
I would also like to extend some hospitality to our pollinators with this bee nest block by andrewsreclaimed. I would love it if you would share your favorite outdoor autumn activities or decor. Inspire me!


Jena said...

such beautiful picks! You have great taste. :) Thanks for including our lanterns. We're honored!

glazedOver said...

It is amazing how a real estate listing can inspire, isn't it? Your rustic ensemble is pure yummy right at the threshold of what, in my mind, is the most glorious of the four seasons. What a thrill to find my mugs among the things on your wishlist. :))