Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Last August Harvest

I brought home my last harvest of pots for the month of August. This week marks the 1 year anniversary of my introduction to pottery. You can see my first round of (ugly) pots here. These soy bottles are made from speckled clay and glazed with black lapis and soda ash. The soda ash is great for accenting the natural color of the clay.
These are two pitchers I threw at home. I glazed them with Ellen's Blue and Smokey Brown (on the skinnier pitcher), and Golden Luster (on the wider pitcher).
I have started using clay that fires black, and I love how the glazes come out over it. This vase is glazed with pumpkin and then black lapis on the neck and rim.
This is a tumbler with black lapis and opal over the black clay.
The vase below is the same black clay with black lapis and satin white over the black. The white comes out a mottled sky blue.
These two pieces are warm brown (left) and JB speck (right), glazed with Ellen's Blue, Smokey Brown, and Golden Luster.
Speckled clay with Ellen's Blue and Satin White.
His and hers tumblers on the black clay with Smokey Brown and Satin White glazes.
Vase detail - Antique Blue with Neal's Blue over it on the black clay.
The black clay with soda ash highlighting the natural color and adding a slight sheen to this box thrown as a closed form.

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loneweever said...

wow. beautiful. all of them. i think you need to gift every one of these pieces to Your Mom.

in one year, you've come a LONG way Ms NewDominionBlues !!!